Let's try and not get a biased opinion, people, PLEASE.

Here goes...

A book series written Stephanie Meyer about a girl, Isabelle Swan, known as Bella, who decides to live with her father in Forks, Washington. There, she meets and eventually falls in love with the elusive and attractive Edward Cullen. Problem? Edward is a vampire who can barely withstand the scent of Bella's blood. Despite this, they begin a turbulent relationship leading into a chase for Bella's life against rival vampire James.

This book has become increasingly popular, especially with teenage girls or fangirls, and has been compared to Harry Potter in popularity and fan base. This series has spawned 3 sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, respectively, as well as a movie, Twilight, along with its upcomign sequel, New Moon. Twilight t-shirts and other paraphernalia can be found almost everywhere, especially in Hot Topic, and is considered to be a better seller than many of the store's other products.

However, though there are many positive things to say about Twilight, there is also a downside. Many have criticized the style of writing in the series, more specifically, the details. Bella's VERY detailed descriptions of people (by People I mean Edward) can cause an annoyance to some readers (Ex: "Ok, you think he's hot. Move the fuck on!").

Secondly, the stereotypical (though not always accurate, bear with me here) Twilight fangirl is a girl ranging from 12-17 years of age who would be, when it comes to physical appearance, unnatractive. Because some of these girls know that they will not attract the attention of human male until later in life, Edward Cullen will have to do.

Fangirls will usually be seen with something pertaining to the series, whether it is one of the books itself, one of the Twilight tees from Hot Topic (see above), or other similar things of that nature. They will also post fanfics on FanFiction.net on how they would see this story or look up all things Twilight/Stephanie Meyer/Edward Cullen (or whomever the like best)on Google for hours.

Emotionally, Twilight fangirls can tend to have a holier (or in this case, Twilightier)-than-thou aura (think like certain scene girls). Fangirls will usually get into a long rant when one of the following occurs (but not limited to):

1. Someone has read only Twilight, and has no interest in reading the others for one reason or another (fanngirls might try to push you to read all of the others

2. Someone does not find Edward Cullen attractive (the girls who fit this category usually have a significant other, but the one way to piss a fangirl off is to say that you think Jacob Black (or even James) is hotter than Edward)

3. Someone who prefers seeing the movie, rather than read the book (fangirls will try to make you read the book first)

4. Someone who is simply uninterested in the series (fangirls WILL push you, if you're not interested, simply say so)

5. Someone who believes that Edward Cullen gives unrealistic expectations for men (that all men have to have sparkly skin, be poetic, heroic, etc.) and that the relationship between Edward and Bella is either unrealistic, soap-opera-esque, or simply cheesy. (We'll get to that later)

6. Someone thinks the movie was better than the book (Most fangirls believe that the movie was either as expected or god-awful)
However, there will be fangirls in relationships or pursuing someone. They will usually compare their relationship/crush to Edward and Bella's relationship, saying that they and their crush/boyfriend were "meant to be," despite that the crushes might want nothing to do with the fangirl.

But don't think that all of this only applies to girls. Boys, though very few, DO read Twilight for entertainment.

In conclusion, Twilight is a pop culture fixture that everyone will remember and either love, hate, love to hate, or hate to love.
cullengrl108 (Caroline, fangirl): Hey Chels! I'm going to the book signing for the new Twilight novel!!! OMFG I CANT WAIT!!!

denimanddiamonds (Chelsea, normal girl): LOL i know how much you love Twilight, but i can't go. ive got a date with ross tonight. were going to go see the new blockbuster.

cullengrl108: WHATTT???? U CANT B SERIOUS!! i know ross is hot an all but EDWARD is HOTTER!!!!!!

denimanddiamonds: i do find him attractive, but car, when are you going 2 see that there are real life edward cullens in front of you, like tom.

cullengrl108: tom and i arent meant 2 b like edward and bella r. u know that

denimanddiamonds (in a sarcastic tone): whatever you say, car, whatever you say
by twilight guru January 24, 2009
A book written by Stephanie Meyer that has attracted and brainwashed millions of Girls (And Moms!).

There are 4 types of people that like Twilight:

Sane Fans: These people are very rare. They take opinions, they dont get butthurt when you state that it is not as good. These people are very nice, and they wont attack you just over a book. Rarely they state they want to marry the main chars.

Fangirls: A tad bit more common than humane fans, most cant take opinions, all of them think Edward is "hot" but most of them will give you harm, but not too much. The things they do range from to a slap on the wrist to a book whack.

Twitards/Twimoms: Very common. They attack anyone who has a different opinion than their own. Attacks range from a pushing down stairs to a baseball bat beating.

Twihards: VERY VERY common. They want to marry Edward. They think Vampires are real and hate sunlight. They think vampires sparkle. They troll internet forums to spread the word of their holy book.
They are fucking annoying. Attacks range from a harmless punch to a fatal murder.

Facts about twilight:

Vampires sparkle
Vampires are real.
Vampires are frendly
Bella is a whiny bitch.
Stick with the sanes, not the hards and you will be safe.
Soon, free speech will reign over twilight!
by Random Shyguy July 04, 2009
It's a good book.
But there's still some flaws in it.
The story is completely PLAIN.
Every book of the series is basically:
- Bella getting into trouble.
- Relationship problems with Jacob & Edward.
- Bella getting hunted.
- Edward and the family to the rescue.
- Bella's safe.

And so on. :| It's like, the WHOLE story could be ended in two books, but the author decided to rant just to make a profit. :X
Person #1: Twilight rocks!
Person #2: Yeah, but don't you think the story's getting a little overrated? The author could just end it in the 2nd book. There's obviously nothing much to write about. It's just chaos, chaos, & chaos in Bella's world. Cmon. THAT B*TCH IS DESPERATE TO SLEEP WITH HER BF!? WTF?! THAT'S DEF A FIRST.
Person #1: CHILLLL DUDE.
Person #2: Yeah, whatever. I just hope the book ends ASAP.
by WORMIE101 January 03, 2008
Basically dim light. Fuck stephanie meyer. Twilight zone rules and so does that new zelda and the twilight princess game. Fuck stephanie meyer.
Twilight means dim light.
by Aaaaahshit July 05, 2009
Verb: as in to Twilight

To take something established or classic and dumb it down for a large and more often than not young audience.

The most famous example of this is the book series Twilight which took vampires and injected it with so much teenage drama and cliches that it eclipses the established awesomeness of vampires.
"Did you see the movie adaption of the book?"

"Ya, they totally Twilighted it."
by nicktendo64 June 25, 2009
Simply put: the worst book ever to be published.

It's cliched, has no actual plot, sends out bad messages, is anti-feminist, has puple prose, etc etc.

It's fans are usually teeny bopper fan-girls who don't know the meaning of real literature, and who would kill you if you have a different oppinion. It's sad, really.
Twilight fangirl: Twilight fricken ROCKS, right? Edward's soooo hot!!!

Normal person: No! It reads like fan-fiction written by a 12 year old girl.

Twilight fangirl: *gasp* HOW DARE YOU?! *jumps up and down like a raving lunatic*

Normal person: *walks away*
by noname191 August 24, 2009
a series of books and a movie that girls are obsessed over. most of the girls who are obsessed with it don't know the difference between a vampire and a faggot who never drinks blood. the end.
I heard twilight sucks ass.
by ignite89 June 20, 2009
The dumbest book ever that can kiss my ass.
TwiFan: OMFG! Edward is miiiiineeeee! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!
Me: *punch*
by Cara♥ January 05, 2009
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