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people who are incapable of taking a hint and continue to expect some sort of payoff in their countless attempts to hook in the object of their idolatry.

the stalking includes but is not limited to: facebook lurking, gathering information from friends, calling excessively, cryptic text messages, frequenting common places, dropping by unannounced at work/home/etc.

the creepy part is that the creepy stalker intentionally adjusts the mechanisms of his/her life to chase their delusions. Probably has some prepubescent sexual fantasy and/or tween crushing involved in their cognition process.
Beth: I don't get it. I've made it quite clear to him that there is nothing between us and there will never be... and he's still in pursuit of me!
Florence: What's he done?
Beth: Oh just about everything listed above. This last text message about the movie he saw last night and how he thought of me because of it is simply the sprinkle on the cherry.
Rachel: Just say No to creepy stalkers.
by J.Flry December 17, 2011
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The younger brother type of the creepystalkerweirdo, the creepystalker is on his way to becoming the former but unable to stalk at a weirdo level. Some might say the difference is that the creepystalker hasn't gone through the full metamorphosis but surely will some day soon. The creepystalker will stalk in a creepy manor but isn't yet as awkward as the creepystalkerweirdo butterfly he will become.
Oh wow, that kid followed me 5 blocks already, what a creepystalker.

That creepystalker is just like his older brother, the creepystalkerweirdo, strange.
by grapesoda May 07, 2009
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