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NZ term the unknown/outback/gravelled & metalled roads/bush - anywhere that's over an hour from civilisation. often shortened to simply wops

no idea where it came from
"I live out in the wopwops so i only come into town once a week"
by clala August 04, 2007
Stands for: Saturday Morning Television. Sometimes has the word 'Live' added to the end.

A TV show that ran on CITV in UK in the 90s. Originally hosted by Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley.

Had kids shows (was the only station who gave the Pokemon cartoon a chance and is commonly recognised as starting the craze) and skits such as C.H.U.M.S (a take off of Friends) etc. Got crappy after Ant and Dec left and eventually got cancelled
SM:TV is hilarious
I spent all saturday morning watching smtv
by clala August 04, 2007
student of Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School (TWGGS), Kent, UK
"where's she from?" "she's a twiglet"
by clala August 04, 2007
The people who lived in NZ before maori however many acedemics can't decide if they did. They were peaceful and the maori weren't so they ran away to the Chatham Islands (according to some sources)where they eventually got wiped out by the white man
the moriori may or may not have existed but are part of the 'Great New Zealand Myth' so my dad believes in them
by clala August 04, 2007
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