1. To suck at life or to be a loser with no future.
2. To be cocky for no observable qualities - for no apparent reason.
3. Someone who likes to portray himself as being nice and generous and repsectful, but in reality very stingy, selfish and rude.
4. Biggest mooch anyone can ever meet in their lifetime. Freeloads any chance he can get.
5. To be 20-35 years old, but exhibits humor of a middle school student - and genuinely thinks it's funny.
6. Someone who has absolutely NOTHING going for him. As a result, brags about the most trivial things - about things that have zero value or importance in the real world.
7. A douche bag that attempts to "One Up" EVERYONE within EVERY subject matter, many times without success. The things he does succeed in "one-upping" are worthless things such as, his socks being made of better quality than the person's next to him or his shirt being a more vibrant pink than his sister's.
8. The biggest braggart anyone can ever meet.
9. One who verbally brags about anything and everything. This ties in with being a "one upper". His bragging is usually an effect of false confidence, delusional thoughts and wishful thinking - things which in reality simply are not true.
10. A person who hosts a plethora of personality behavioral disorders. Some are very entertaining to observe, but all of them greatly affect the ones around him.
11. One's character and behaviors that perfectly defines what it means to be passive aggressive.
Ex 1.

Devon: Hey what's up guys? Like my new phone?

Douchbag: That's nice, but can your phone do THIS?

Devon: Okaaay man, who really cares? Do you really think anyone would even notice you nor pay that much just for attention you THINK your getting? No one gives a sh!*, loser. You're such a typical Twiggy. Go away!

Ex 2:

Douchbag: Hey guys. Guess what? Last night I got some sweet ass!!

A random acquaintance: Huh??.....Haha.... You mean that fat old crack head lady I saw you with? Doesn't she have 3 kids? I thought that was your mom or something! Hah... Figures. You're such a Twiggy.

Ex 3:

Douchebag: *Brags* - Hey guys! I just took my IQ test and I scored a 71!! Probally much better than YOU can ever get.

A normal person: *smirks* You're actually bragging about getting that score? *Laughs out loud*

Man, that explains everything. Now I know why you suck so hard at life. You're such a worthless Twiggy.
by captain plan3t January 19, 2010
Top Definition
A reference to a girl who is skinny, but in a trendy, sexy, model-type way. The term comes from the 1960s model, Twiggy.
You're so twiggy! You should totally be a model.
by TwiggyK September 16, 2006
Twiggy is a goddess. Twiggy is the leader of all that is cool and will be cool. Twiggy is famous for no reason. Don't ask no questions. Do not defy twiggy, or you'll get fuckered up. Thanks.
Twiggy, you're the shit fo-rizzle.
by Teufel October 05, 2005
A model from the 60's who was very skinny and a big influence on the fashion of the era, as well.

Can also be used as an adjective to describe someone.
Look at that girl, she's like Twiggy!
by weezernerd May 18, 2005
A very thin hand rolled cigarette.
Person b: What's wrong with it?
Person a: Look how thin it is, that's a twiggy!
by TehLolCatz July 21, 2010
A spasm of some sort; the fast feeling when nutting, high define laughter.
How do you feel today?
Pretty darn Twiggy.
by Marilynyea July 03, 2009
A person who is not afraid to speak their mind and they can never be put down as they are strong and know how to make people feel better. Twiggy's are skinny and rarely fat. They are very playful and trustworthy. Twiggy's are really rare to find in this world as Twiggy's represent the traits of awesomeness.
Guy#1: Hey,look at Twiggy!
Guy#2: Hey Twiggy!
Twiggy: Hey guys, wassup?
Guy#1: You wanna come with us to the bar?
Twiggy: Naw, I'll think I'll pass. Gonna hang with the buds. See ya!
Guy#2: She's awesome.
by lalalandcomes April 15, 2009
1. Someone who is passive aggressive.
2. Someone who is lazy and delusional.
3. Someone who is typically male, but possesses emotional characteristics of a woman.
4. Someone who thinks he is well liked by others, but is too oblivious to realize everyone loaths his presence.
5. Someone who is insecure and exhibits false confidence in himself to the point where his retorts are mainly geared towards penis size.
6. Usually a dumb hill billy.
7. Someone who talks way too much about himself.
8. Someone who lacks self esteem to the point where he preys on fat, ugly, and usuall very old women that have three kids and therefor cannot get anything else - and boasts about it like it is an accomplishment.
9. Someone that is usually very annoying.
10. Someone who likes to mooch off everyone else. Usually the biggest freeloader you will meet.
11. Someone that has no friends but pretends like he does.

12. Likes to tell everyone that he shot another bird the other day, and thinks people actually care.
13. Usually the biggest loser douchebag angyone can ever meet.
Trevor: "Brandon, it's pretty weak you try and take advantage of fat, ugly girls that lack any self esteem."

Brandon: "Uhhh... ummm..... welll... duuude, atleast my cock is bigger than yours!" *smiles while conspiring to slit Trevors throat while he sleeps*

Trevor: "Uhh, yeah.....you must have the intelligence of a Twiggy to have come up with that one!"

Brandon: "Hey guess what guys? I just shot another bird in my back yard today with my shot gun!"

An acquaintance: *Sarcastically* "Oh, really?! Nice man! That's really awesome!" /Sarcasm

Brandon: *Walks up out of nowhere* "Hey what are you guys doing???" *Invites himself by seating himself in the middle of the rotation and proceeds to talk about another bird he shot while trying to act innocent*

A group of acquaintance: *Thinking WTF does HE want?*
A random guy within the group: "Dude, Brandon... Do you EVER buy your OWN weed? Do YOU ever smoke OTHERS out, you stingy bastard!?! You are the biggest douchebag on earth! Quit being such a Twiggy and get the f%$# out of here!! You are not wanted you annoying peice of sh!t!"
by JackDani3ls January 15, 2010

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