Twidgets / Twidget (n.) Any babies/baby who's mother gave birth to, two twin midgets. After being inseminated by a midget herself.
I'm having 'Twidgets'. My partner is a midget, and I am having two twin midgets, thus TWIDGETS!

You're a Twidget? Yeah, my mom F-ed a midget, and I have a twin, and we are both midgets.
by Lalakid4644 February 18, 2011
Top Definition
A person who works or maintains electronic equipment, always carring a tweeker in his breast pocket.
While skylarking around, petty officer James lost his tweeker, forcing him to search the ship for a fellow twidget to help him fix his raido.
by mark allen January 25, 2004
In US Navy slang, a reference to persons of the Electronics Technician (ET) rating, exclusively. Often used derisively.
Nukes come in three flavors:knuckle-draggers, wire-biters, and twidgets.
by SubFT August 11, 2012
Twins who are midgets
I can never tell those twidgets apart.
by Alex Packard August 11, 2007
An online application widget designed for use in conjunction with a person's twitter account. Similar to widgets used for blogs; often called, blidgets.
The twitter-based application widget, twhirl, is an example of a handy twidget.
by LaTatooie March 11, 2009
A twit who fidgets!
He is such a twidget!!
by xGemmx January 27, 2010
Another word for a pussy
You have a dirty twidget
by Mike February 08, 2004
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