a penguin birthed by a human caused by having sex with an penguin
verb- the act of fucking a penguin
1. is that a newborn twiddles you have there?
2. why yes it is

1. i have something to tell you...
2. yeah?
1. remember that trip to Antarctica ?
2. yeah....OMG WAIT. dont tell me you twiddled!!
#penguin #twiddles #sex #antarctica #bestiality
by the-mother-of-a-penguin February 16, 2009
Top Definition
To stimulate a woman´s clit by rubbing lightly on and around her love button zone. Not to be confused with tweaking, which implies more focused rub-a-dub. Typically you start twiddling and end up tweaking.
See also: no stinky pinky
I was just twiddling her a bit, but she came all the same
by Hugh G Rection October 07, 2003
An insult that carries no specific definition.

The word is a near combination of the words,




Ninny, and


A few of these words dont even share similar structure as twiddle, though they share similar meaning.
Of course urban dictionary will not show accurate depictions of these words, so assume most of them are similar to just being a little bitch.

Common traits consist of, stupidity, pacifism, apathy, lameness, boring, pessimism, and pansyness.

Use twiddle at your own likely leisure and be assured its a pointless insult thats useful in a way that it's new and not yet institutionalized.
Julien: Hey dude.. that girl I boned last night was super loose! you should have seen it..

Ralph: Well, I just read in girl cosmo that woman's vaginas only expand from birth... So, you have a small penis.

Julien: Are you joking? you know how I know your a gay twiddle? You read girl cosmo...
#twiddle #diddle #diddler #twat #ninny #lusre #douche #pessimist #apathy #loser #lameness #lame #boring #balthazar
by Mac-Daddy Pimp Sauce January 29, 2009
the act of smoking marijuana
What do you want to do today?

Let's go ink our bodies and proceed to twiddle up.
#blaze #marijuana #smoke #weed #trees #twiddle sticks
by twiddler7 February 03, 2011
to partake in sexual exhanges over Twitter
"Hey, how are things going with Stacey?"

"Awesome, we totally Twiddled yesterday."
#twitter #diddle #internet #sex #tweet
by the rev. dirty harry July 24, 2009
the act of a woman fondling her clitoral appendage with her fingers in a clockwise manner in the privacy of her own home, the campus library bathroom, in the presence of her significant other, or while being taken violently and brilliantly from behind
1 -"You fucking like that?"
-"Oh my God, it feels so good, but do you mind if I twiddle?"

2- "You started masturbating when?"
-"Well, I started humping pillows when I was like 8 or 9, but I don't think I started twiddling until I was 12, when I learned how to download erotic stories"

3- "I didn't know you masterbate?"
- "Ever girl twiddles, and she's fucking lying slut if she tells you otherwise."

#masterbate #finger #self-pleasuring #clitoral stimulation #gremilie
by Grant Philip Wheeler January 21, 2007
A young stoner kid. Typically of middle school age. Generally seen wandering around the streets late at night.
Tommy was such a twiddle. He was always wandering around the streets late at night, blazed out of his mind.
#high #stoner #young #random #annoying #middle school
by YoMommaMoustache April 08, 2010
to fondle, especially with a diddle
"Im tryin to get some chick to twiddle with my diddle"
" Yo, did you get your diddle twiddled?"
#diddle #diddle twiddle #shredfest #quimby #butta
by JBeck November 15, 2007
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