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Originated from a 7-year old in america.
A miss spelling of the word "loser" that has taken on a whole new meaning.
A lusre is one to be what ever you want, but they have distinct qualities, these qualities are as followed:
One who diddles often,
One who is much like a ninny,
One who is too immature for their age,
One who cannot spell,
One who really deserves no better of an insult,
One who might have, or contracting Late Onset Down-Syndrome
or All of the above
Brian: "hold on I know I said we would be here for just ten minutes but I have to take a shower, change, drink some water, eat an apple, masturbate and brush my teeth..."
Balthazar: God damnit it you fucking diddler! Stop being such a lusre!
by pimp sauce mac-daddy January 25, 2009
Similar to 'lusr' (loser) but pronounced luz-ray.
Emma: LOL!
Grace: You lusré.
by Puffbubbles the Magic Dragon February 21, 2008
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