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When someone pooped them self in their underware with out going to the toilet.
Johnny tweeted him self on the bus.
by Mojo82 July 14, 2009
6 10
verb- past tense-
to update your twitter account.
Claudia tweeted from her iphone.
by Myspacestalker July 22, 2009
22 8
To be put down or embarassed by someone using Twitter. Usually said by someone who had nothing to do with the situation.
(Twitter post)
@james: Damn did you see that?
@micheal: Man that was brutal!
@John: Yeah @steve just got #tweeted, son!!!
by Gizmo24 August 22, 2011
11 7
the end result of smoking PCP,AngelDust
"we smoked some dust and were Tweeted."
"he's Tweeted"
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
11 17