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A person who evokes being affected by the recession because it's the 'in' thing to do, especially if they have no real need to. They may even pay more for the privilege of having just the right down-market accessories or habits. (Reference the evolution of the hipster.)
We're going to Mel's Diner tonight. The decor's a little shabby, you know with the recession and all, but they have the most fabulous oysters served in replica sardine tins.

Keira Knightly is such a recessionista -- check out this story about her renting shoes! http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2009/03/25/keira_knightley_saves_money_buy_renting_
by ocius1 March 25, 2009
A bastardization of the word ketchup, for people who like to garnish their burgers and dogs and swear at the same time. Goes well with mouseturd.
Cecil: Hey! Ya got any katshit or mouseturd for these here burgers?
Gloria: <sigh> What are you, four? Can't you even speak without swearing?
Cecil: <rolls his eyes> Tse, I'm just kiddin', for fuck's sake! ... so do ya got any or what?
by ocius1 April 06, 2009
A bastardization of the word mustard, for people who like to garnish their burgers and dogs and swear at the same time. Goes well with katshit.
Joe: All this burger needs is a little mouseturd ... mebbe some katshit too.
Celia: <sigh> Can't you say anything without fucking swearing for once?!
Joe: <rolls his eyes> Tse, I'm just kidding, for fuck's sake!
by ocius1 April 06, 2009
Alternate name for the black-capped chickadee. Named after Nelson Muntz, the bully on the Simpsons with the lackadasical and mocking laugh: "Ha-ha." The black-capped chickadee has two songs, the familiar 'chick-a-dee-dee-dee!' and a song that sounds like Nelson's 'Ha-ha." laugh. Listen here: http://www.learnbirdsongs.com/birdsong.php?id=12
Chris: Hey! That bird sounds just like Nelson on the Simpsons!
Mary: Yeah, that's The Nelson Bird! I think it's real name is the chickadee.
by ocius1 April 21, 2009
Sweet! on Twitter. Used instead of 'Sweet!' whenever talking about something to do with Twitter.
Marty: I just got twibed!
Scott: Tweet! Who's in your twibe?
by ocius1 April 21, 2009
1. A risky act of revenge, committed because the need for revenge is greater than the need for self-preservation.
2. Something you do to get back at someone, even though you know that it will be damaging to you in the end.
Marion: Our organization has an intern working at the White House!
Rob: I hope her name isn't Monica.
Marion: Not to worry, it's a guy.
Scott: Don't forget Hillary! She's probably up for a little political revengicide!
by ocius1 May 15, 2009
A combination homo-hawk (or faux-hawk) and comb-over for follically-challenged gay guys. The remaining strands are combed to the centre from both sides, covering the bald spot and creating a weak homo-hawk at the same time.
Rob: Hey, Colin's homo-hawk is looking a little sparse these days.
Aaron: Yeah it's really more of a comb-o-hawk now.

Eva: Look at that guy's hair! It's kind of a double comb-over into the centre.
Peter: Comb-o-hawk!
by ocius1 May 14, 2009
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