Abbreviation for "two weeker", used to describe a person who does something or goes somewhere for two weeks. Sometimes spelled "tw'eeker" or "tw'weeker"
How long are you goin' to sleepaway camp?
I'm gonna be a tweeker
by Wolfdog August 30, 2007
a tweeker is someone acting like a retard. constantly flipping out over stupid shit. just plain fucking annoying.
The lady that works at the register was being a tweeker because the credit card was too close to the register.
by used4life August 08, 2005
Tim Jeager
"hey, how about that Tim Jeager?"

"what a Tweeker"
by Tims mom March 27, 2004
a krunck non-sleepin,but hell yea be eatin who likes to twist tha pizzy fa shizzy my nizzy. Tha fool cleans betta than Mr. Clean. Ya got a new best friend cause they speak nothin but tha truth in tha end. Maybe bad and u may get sad, but while ur tweekin u aint nothing but glad. And you see them still seekin....and thats the definition of tweekin.
That Tweeker Rox!!
by Queen Tweeker January 25, 2004
1. Eric Howsen
2.Tommy Trotti also known as 007 known as new minglewood blues for stealing womens from their men.

Any way these two tweekers bug out and freak out all the time and always think people are ploting agingt them.
Eric Howsen and Tommy Trotti are both tweekers.

Those two tweekers should just simmer down.

Will someone give those two tweekers both a pill.
by trizz April 02, 2004
San Francisco Club Kid who frequents the Internet Adult Store at
That tweeker bought all of them online at
by Gary A April 16, 2004
a person addicted to marijuana.

Orgin: bayarea late 80's

a Pothead.
I never invite that tweeker cuz hes always high and just sits around and not getting involved.
by Lec2 March 06, 2003

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