An inhibitant of Co. Co. County, SF Bay Area. (see Danvillians) REPRESENT! Usually found skulking in bushes, trees or they dark garages the call, "Their Castles". Most common traits include: haircuts without scissors, surgery without a scalple, and spending countless hours of the night playing window nintendo! Some tweekers are a bit more fortunate, their game systems have been upgraded to home surveillance systems. Their mission in life is to obtain and comsume as much FUCKING CRANK AS WE POSSIBLY CAN!!!
Smoke crank! Fuckers.....
"You fucking tweeker, get the fuck out of the fucking window, they can see you!"
"Who's got my lighter?!?1"
"Bitch! There was more in this sac! Where the fuck did it go?"
"What's in the bowl bitch?!"
"Who's look'n?"
"Good ones"
"Pipetastic, pipetacular, spooftastic!!!
and last but not least .....
"Quiters never win, and winners never quit!

-Long Live Spriq's- (yellow lable)
by Redwood & Squiggles January 15, 2006
A tiny protubrance used to support one's body weight when rock climbing.
I was standing a tweeker, but my foot slipped and I then fell.
by rock-a-jock-man March 12, 2008
A small rock protuberance used as a hand hold or foot hold when climbing a rock face.
I was hanging on a tweekers when my foot slipped and I fell.
by rock-a-jock-a-man February 12, 2007
A person, often a crystal meth user, who does completes every thing he/she begins far beyond the point of finished.
I should have known not to ask billy to fix my computer, he's been tweeking out on it for weeks!
by christy October 21, 2003
Someone who is a slut,whore, tramp, or turns trics. Referring mostly to females. She openly appears as a slut and is very forward in the way she approaches a male. She mostly performs sexual deeds for males and brags about it.

(origin: Philly particularly in the North East area)
That girl you're dating is such a tweeker. She slept with Jerome John and Darryl in one night.
by UD Girl 116 August 12, 2009
a tweeker is a whore. someone who loves to fuck and will let anybody hit.
yo i'm tryinna go get some tweekers and get chewed real quick
by r.i.p.mj July 07, 2009
Constantly having to go to rehab to clear the court sentencing. Borrows money from friends and family(sister) and never ever pays it back. Always looking for rich people to date or marry to support there habit and low self-esteem.
Joanne Mio

by Yeah_right March 15, 2005

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