a tweaker is simply a weirdo, from that weird girl who stalks you, the weird witch lady who lives at number 3 to that crazy old guy with the massive beard who rides his bike around all day muttering. its useful to have in the vocab as it can be shouted with no risk of insult to the tweaker in question. by streachin the sylables it can be made into an almost bird like cry. if u like
"oh my god, this guy is a fucking stalker, what a tweaker"

"shit dude, did you see that matey wearin girls clothes, what a tweeker"

"whos that tweaker on a microscooter"
by purv of the gore April 26, 2007
a person who has been awake,on average,for about 2 weeks without sleeping because they've been abusing speedy drugs(usually,but not limited to:crystal methamphetamine)
this tweaker told me the only cure for coming down is more drugs.
by insanegerbil November 22, 2003
A 'speed'/'crystalmeth' freak.
Tweaker's are 'tripped out' addicts who live for 'gas'/'ice' and party for days with no concept of time or the outside world.
"Val Kilmer play's his best role ever as a hardcore tweaker, a crystalmeth freak, in a great movie called 'The Salton Sea'."
by Diego August 18, 2003
someone who abuses methamphatamine.

usually skinny because they dont eat.
dark circles under their eyes because they dont sleep.
can harldy stand because most of their blood viens have collpased from constant injecting,

they transform themselves into a hermit-like state and keep to themselves while trying to have a normal life.
kid 1: i think that jon is using meth.
Kid2: yeah i definatly think he is a tweaker
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
A people who uses the drug methamphetamine. A low life piece of shit. Someone who will steal from you in order to score meth. Zombie like
I was watching the video "tweakers" by skinny mumbles on YouTube.

The tweaker beater mafia is coming to town to get rid of our cities meth problem.
by DirtyGiggles February 27, 2012
a tweaker is someone who has been doing Crystal Meth for a while and feens for it and is always twitching. Some one who is an addict for Meth.
L. - damn nigga YU're girl is a tweaker aint she?
P. - Ya im going to drop that bitch soon, she fucking up and be doing too much for the dopey
L. - oh, yah how much, give her my number in that case.
by baddxbxtchxdopey August 07, 2010
Someone who constantly worries about a situation and obsesses over the possible outcome of something before it happens. Someone who thinks a lot and dwells on things a lot.
I am worried about how my dress will fit, will he think I am fat?

Do you think I will get in to trouble? I am tweaking on the situation.

What will happen if the judge sends me to jail? I am a tweaker.
by kelsmaster August 09, 2009
Someone who likes to adjust or fine-tune things; a person who makes small changes to an existing object in order to make it better or to suit one’s preferences
Tessa is known as the Tweaker in her social circle for her knack of turning old fabrics into fashion-forward apparels.
by fln September 23, 2013
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