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A way to call someone a twat, retard or idiot etc. without actually swearing..
And also something u can shout out when you do something wrong.
Alice: Henry! you're such a t**z!
Gee: Ahh god im such a twaz.
#idiot #twat #retard #dumbass #spaz
by Passion1 March 06, 2008
Response to a witty comment or comeback.
A: You smell.
B: Very nice! TWAZ!
by Ben Hubbard May 29, 2005
Beyond fucked-up (as in under the influence of any foreign substance).
Did you get smashed at the party, man?

Na, I was twazed
#drunk #fucked-up #buzzed #wasted #fubar
by OneHitLabRat March 12, 2011
an insult that isn't swearing. a mixture between twat and spaz.

can also be formed into "twazzer".
"i think she likes me! :D"
"no i don't think so you twaz"

"i put an ant in the microwave and it walked out fine"
"you twazzer"
#twat #spaz #idiot #isult #twazzer
by Liv LOVES Conor May 04, 2009
a twat who drives a mazda
wow.. look at that twaz's mazda!
by Ali P March 17, 2004
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