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a womans vagina, description of a womans vagina
hbo is not tv. it is twazzervision.
by compudude86 January 30, 2006
Coined by the Larry King Character on Mad TV, this term was used to describe the extreme amounts of pornographic material depicted on the HBO show about cowboys called Deadwood. He uses it profusely, making it sorta funny.

It means quite simply the female genitalia.
Twazzers twazzers twazzers!

-Larry King
by Robin Hood ! August 27, 2006
Female genital area.
I accidently saw my grandmother's twazzer.
by Saffernellie August 08, 2009
Slang for the vagina... the FEMALE vagina.
"Wow Tommy, that female has a nice twazzer".
by Big Papa Jay October 24, 2006
penis,colloqueal description of the male meber
cock, dick, Johnson, wang
by tommytitsnake June 03, 2004

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