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The slang for twenty inch rims.From the ghetto root word twanky, which means twenty.
Damn foo',those twankies be of the chain, nigga'!
Dats a nice pair o' twankies youz gots der dawg.
by omar March 31, 2004
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rims that are 20" in diameter and look "tyte".
sononymous with twankie-twos or twankie-fo's
nigga...i roll up on mai twankiez
by Fat Pat November 04, 2002
Another word for twenty.
Dont your bitchass owe me a twanky sack?
He came to the club rollin on twanky threes.
That will be twanky one dollars and 10 cents.
by Cody January 14, 2004
twenty inch rims, Rims that have a diameter of 20 inches
look at that lac on twankies, thats straight up pimp shit
by Molotovman September 09, 2006
A person, often a middle-aged or older man, who dresses in such a way that they look like the character "Widow Twanky" in the pantomime "Aladdin".
"She's quite rough-looking."
"Yes, she is a bit of a twanky."
by Stewartspotter February 05, 2014
its what you say when you slam a domino down on the table for 20 points.

or really anytime that the number 20 is used.
a duece and a tre and two fives on the board and you slam down big five and holla twanky
by who dat January 23, 2005
Another slang word for a Methamphetamine pipe
A Glass Pipe ( twanky ) with a round head and small hole ontop Packed Full of the Gods elixer or Your own Destruction

( Heated over a flame the meth melts and vaporizes, The pipe is spun to keep the meth from burning while the vapors are inhaled)
by Chronicmeister July 18, 2006
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