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1.) An extremely badass movie.

2.) A word meaning a black man's penis
"Have you seen Midnight Meat Train?"
"No I don't like black cock."
"What the fuck, no the movie dipshit"
"Oh oh oh oh, yeah totally I love that movie."
by TimKretschmer July 29, 2009
A rather hilarious porn-grind band from Lille, France. People most commonly know them for their song entitled "Va Faire La Vaisselle".

Gronibard's stage performance usually consists of the band members either naked or crossdressing resulting in a funny yet brutal concert.
"Do you know the band Gronibard?"
"Yes, why?"
"Do you recall the name of their vocalist at all?"
"Yeah his name is Anal Capone I believe."
by TimKretschmer July 29, 2009
How black people say "twinkies", a fat person's favourite food.
"Yo gimme dem twankies!"

"You mean twinkies?"

"Dats wat I said."

"No, YOU said twankies."

"Same damn thing."
by TimKretschmer July 29, 2009

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