slang for cadillac. Can be used in place of cadi
Yo those lacs on 22's are the shit
by Big_Figga September 27, 2004
Another form of shady, shadiness.
Thien is a lac ass nigga for not hosting.
Thien is lac because he drives an rsx and cant hang out.
by Mr Shady March 08, 2009
Legion Of Artistic Criminals
A graffiti crew based in Rangoon, Burma. Started around the end of year 2009. This crew was formerly known as BOB crew and then changed name to LAC as a few new members joined in. Now LAC crew represented in France, Australia, Singapore but mainly based in Burma.
A fairly new graff crew based in Burma
LACs- living against Capitalism
by coldomatic November 01, 2011
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