A combination of the words TINKER and WANKER.
"What a twanker."
by The coolest person ever. May 01, 2012
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A fusion of the already very expressive words twat and wanker to describe a peculiar, even unique, kind of contemptibleness found in those who are both stubborn and awkward, awkward and stubborn.
'You fucking twanker Matthew.'
by anycon December 23, 2004
A wanker that uses Twitter.

Abstracted from other words prepended with 'tw' such as tweople, tweetup, twestival etc...
@aplusk is a right twanker
by e_mpika April 17, 2009
Meaning someone who is both a twat and a wanker.
Tude is a Twanker but I still adore her
by Cate and Nao March 07, 2006
(noun) A person, organization, or company who uses bad form or exhibits bad behavior on Twitter.
"His constant posting of misinformed and mean-spirited Tweets resulted in the group labeling him a Twanker"
by snookers88 February 06, 2013
Noun: Someone thought by another to be a fool, an idiot, or someone whose behaviour is in some way unacceptable (but not illegal or overly troublesome) to the norms of the majority in the vicinity.
Etymology: derived from 'wanker' but thought to be less offensive.
"Him, he's nothing but a twanker. He never sits down and never answers any questions."

"You twanker!"
A banker who uses Twitter.

This was made up live on Deal or No Deal by Noel.
That banker is a twanker
by kennydude October 16, 2011

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