A small instrument made from an egg box, or empty tissue box with elastic bands as used and made by the cast of 'Rainbow'
I used my twanger in orchestra practise last night.
by Cecilia February 12, 2004
referring to item- any given guitar
referring to person- one who plays guitar
Zakk Wylde has some crazy twangers
David Gilmour is one fine twanger
by Rob Davis January 18, 2004
A synonym for cooter that one yells out when crossing paths with an HB.
*HB walks by*
C: Damn B, look at that twanger!
B: Twangaaahhh!
by Reference K22 December 02, 2008
a scrawny little shitbag that leaves a night out early to go home... turning his phone off in the process so that he becomes un-contactable
I don't know, I think he's done a fucking Twanger
by downtownbrowntown July 09, 2010
A commonly used word for the word penis
I just tickled that kids twanger.
by Pediphile Dan February 23, 2009
a person that is born in taiwan.
howard is such a twanger, he loves honda and sony
by foker November 11, 2006
a twenty dollar bill
when she finally got home, i found a twanger in her g-string.
by doug January 21, 2004
a small little weinner (like weinner sam) that can be painted and played with
can we paint our twangers or get a friend to play with them!!!
by fishhh June 13, 2004

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