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noun : the sound a telecaster makes

noun : some stanky ass herb
You got any twang?

Twangity Twang!
by Keith Richard Cantwell January 26, 2004
21 35
Pulling hard and letting go of the back of someone's bra, causing pain in tight-bra wearers and confusion in loose-bra wearers. Variations are twimming costume (twanging a swimming costume), twickers (twanging knickers)and many more.

Hey, don't push in front of me or i'll twang you!
by Hxx June 01, 2007
4 19
A sensation caused by reefer, resulting in a feeling of extreme intensity, much like being on a different planet.
May also cause extreme mental retardation.
"I'm not high. I'm fuckin TWANG!!"
by illegal December 27, 2006
9 24
friend, buddy, home girl or home boy! this word is not mean! and shouldnt be.
"Hey twang! whats up?!" damn mi twang is looking finnne"
by person001haha August 17, 2009
6 22
something of a bad smelling nature
bruv ur breath is actually twang! Go brush ur teeth or we cnt hang
by Obea May 19, 2008
9 25
homosexuality, chicken breasts, am/pm drank, etc.
gimme some that that twang drank, nigga.

i'd like me some twang on the side of that chicken.

a twang twang!

she has a little lesbian twang in her.
by Jess:D August 05, 2007
4 20
to cancel an agreement.

Or more precisely, to state that you intend to do something, and then change one's mind. See also "dingy"
"I should really and sign on today, but I think I'm just going to twang it"

"She agreed to come out with us for my birthday, but then she twanged us for her sister's funeral"

"I left him a voicemail but he just twanged it. The cunt"
by c.r. November 09, 2005
58 74