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Someone of such devout religiousness, they appear to be a member of God's brigade, known as the God Squad. Brings fear to the heart of many atheists. Members are often unfortunate-looking.
Watch out, the God Squad is coming for you!

Seriously, it's like every teacher at this school is a paid-up member of God Squad.
by Hxx June 01, 2007
Someone or something that is trendy but ugly. Applies to most bands of the moment, and some fashions.
Have you seen his hair? If it wasn't so trugly, he'd almost be cute.

No, of course it's not trugly. It's just a little funny-looking.

Aargh, invasion of the truglies!
by Hxx June 01, 2007
Pulling hard and letting go of the back of someone's bra, causing pain in tight-bra wearers and confusion in loose-bra wearers. Variations are twimming costume (twanging a swimming costume), twickers (twanging knickers)and many more.

Hey, don't push in front of me or i'll twang you!
by Hxx June 01, 2007

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