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the anal passage or bum hole usually used with regards to sexual intercourse
'when the rivers red (meaning she's on her period) use the dirt track instead!'
'stick it up my dirt track'
'my dirt track is sore'
'i've got an itchy dirt track!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
the sale tramp is essentially the tramp who resides in the sale/stretford area in manchester, england.
He has green natural dreadlocks i.e.matted hair beyond belief that it has formed into dreads, and he stinks pretty badly. Can often be spotted in Tesco's in Sale drinking tesco value lemonade. He also seems to refuse help accprding to a number of stories from people i know. When people ask him for money for example he refuses and says he chose this life and doesnt want peoples pity. Rumpurs have been circulating recently that he has been killed, decapitated to be precise by some scallies/chavs. I can only speculate to the authenticity of such stories but i suspect it to be true. Rumours are also circulating however whjich contradict this rumour such as that he did indeed get beat up pretty badly recently but he got taken to hospital where they fixed him up, c;eaned him, shaved his matted hair and beard and phoned the housing trust where he was hpused under a new identity. Again only speculation.
'hey theres the sale tramp!'
'that sale tramp is eating outta the salad bowl in the the tescos restaurant again!'
'that sale tramp loves tesco value lemonade doesnt he?!?!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
another word for a vagina, used as code so other people such as family members don't know what you are on about. can be shortened to simply flangy or flange.
'i like your flangy meter'
'i want your flangy meter right now'
'your flangy tastes good!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
1. a live or stuffed monkey used to sell a product
2. another name for a salesman/salesperson who often try to sell products door to door or over the phone. an insult for a salesperson relating to theIr choice of job and the fact that they are really annoying and often rese,ble monkeys on a literal or figurative basis.
'theres a salesmonkey at the door!'
'i wish you/them salesmonkeys would bloody stop calling me!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
1. another name for a spliff or a marujuana joint
2. when theres a disturbance going on
1. pass the hoohar
can we roll a hoohar
lets have a hoohar

2. ooh theres a terrible hoohar going on
by shpannah September 07, 2006
the past tense of the verb to twangmeaning to give it someone sexually
'i twanged her good last night!'
'i twanged that bird from the bar'
'i gave her a good hard twanging'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
when ones bum and leg appear to be fused into one thus giving the appearance that they are just one body part as opposed to two which they actually are. not a nice sight really and rather embarrassing to have a bumleg - altho it cannot be helped!
bumleg is often found on rly skinny people for obvious reasons - these reasons being tht they don't have sufficient meat on them to define their shape into a proper bum shape so insted their bum just fuses into he leg.
by shpannah August 26, 2006

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