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An early electric guitar design by Leo Fender, which has a bolt on neck, bridge and neck single coil pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone, and 3-way toggle.
If you're looking for a twangy sound, look no further than a tele.
It is still one of the most recognizable guitars today, right behind the Stratocaster and Les Paul.
Joe Strummer of The Clash is famouse for playing a Telecaster.
by thepseudofriend July 29, 2004
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a misunderstood guitar in my opinion that was created by Leo Fender. It the first completely solidbody electric guitar ever mass produced but was origionally known as the Broadcaster, it has two single coil pickups, a volume and a tone knob, and a steel plate bridge. I say it's misunderstood because since the Telecaster has such a twangy sound it is commonly used by dance indy combos such as Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkey's which is fine, but what ever happened to the rocking Tele? I speak of Graham Coxon's fine work in Blur, or Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead (best band ever), or indeed Matt Bellamy of Muse? Please musicians hear my call, bring back the rocking Tele!
The Telecaster was used by Graham Coxon, Thom Yorke, Johhny Greenwood, Matt Bellamy, The Eagles, The Clash etc.
by Telelover September 05, 2006
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