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"D-iet C-oke D-rinking B-itches"
Often characterized by just eating a salad with no dressing when you take them out on a date, and most frequently identified by the excessive amounts of Diet Coke they consume in a pathetic attempt to lose their repidly expanding fat asses. The DCDB is most often spotted at sorority meetings, any place where "guys are" and most often in either matching sweats, or the ubiquitous designer flipflop/skirt/skanktank combo.
"Woah, those girls must be on a team!"
"Nah, its just a crew of DCDB's."
by hcracker April 30, 2003
The most frequently used word by DCDB's other than the expressions "Omigawdd!" and "Shut-up!" Often pronouned in a very drawn-out manner, such as "RAAAAN-dom!" for the purposes of making the speaker look "wacky."
"Julie that was soooooooo random! I can't believe you know stuff about books."
by hcracker April 30, 2003
The term for group of lesbians, much like a gaggle of geese, or a pride of lions.
I was on my way to the poetry slam and I spotted a huge twaddle heading in the same direction.
by hcracker April 30, 2003
A sheepish, naive girl with no future prospects for intelligence.
Wow, I can't believe she said that, she's such a puddin' pop!
by hcracker April 30, 2003
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