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Trouble With Authority. Said of a chronically rebellious person.
This kid is said to have ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. That's just a fancy-schmancy way of saying the brat has TWA!
by Stop the Pendulum November 21, 2006
7 18
TWA stands for Trans World Airlines, which is now defunct. I think it went out of business sometime during the fucking PC 90s, or maybe during the early 21st century.
I took a TWA flight to Chicago, got blitzed on the bird and had some pleasant chit-chat with a righteous babe of a stewardess.
by Starpunk January 12, 2008
25 18
A group of gentlemen, often times from Haddon Township, with a very large amount of street cred.
TWA has so much street cred.
by BillDuke December 12, 2004
13 6
An acronym standing for "That Was Amusing" instead of "LOL." The word "TWA" depicts what really occurs in the typer's mind, as rarely do people actually laugh out loud when they say "LOL." Originally used by Tom and his less amusing sister. As of now, it's not used in widespread manners.
"What's the difference between a pizza and a Jew?"
"I don't know, what?"
"A pizza doesn't scream when it's in the oven."
by MisterOriginality January 08, 2012
13 9
An older twink.
Neil Patrick Harris was a twink in Harold and Kumar, but has now evolved into a twas.
by Chillrhino January 18, 2014
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"Third World Assassin". Yet another acronym created and promoted only by certain government types and hypocritical/pseudo-born-again christians to invoke visions and feelings of terror and paranoia amongst the general masses.

This, and many other acronyms like it, such as WMD, speak volumes about the actuality of "terrorist threats", whereby abstract concepts are used, and their names abbreviated for the sake of repetitive and continual use, to convey the supposed threat from foreign countries, rather than presenting actual evidence.

Supposed justification for collateral damage. Not to be confused with Trans World Airline, which is a likely weapon for these fictional hellions.
We must bomb Iraq, who actively harbours TWAs and WMDs.

(Aboard a TWA flight):

TWA hostess: Sir, would you like some TWA coffee?
passenger: No thank you. But I'd love a cup of TWA tea...
by taids November 15, 2005
25 24
That Was Awkward. Used in an awkward situation.
My ex just texted me. TWA!
by itsok603 January 22, 2012
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Internet acronym for "That Was Amusing".
Commonly used instead of LOL if you want to convey amusement but really didn't laugh out loud.
Bob: What's brown and sticky?
Vic: I have no idea.
Bob: A stick!
Vic: twa
by wyrdfish September 17, 2010
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