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Short way of saying 'it was'.
"Was the gig last night good?"
"Twas wicked!!"
by meellaah January 19, 2004
Another way of saying indeed, but when one is in a very lighthearted mood.
"Are you OK?"
"Indeedy I am!"
by meellaah January 19, 2004
although shnitzel is a type of food, normally turkey breast fried in a batter, when placed with bitch it is an affectionate term for a lady-friend, preferably not one who's easily offended
'hey there, my little bitch shnitzel'
by meellaah July 12, 2009

in the same way as foodage, riffage or choonage, its a term for a taxi journey.
'are we getting cabbage into town?'

'i cant be bothered to walk. lets get cabbage.'

(after a good taxi journey) 'that was some serious cabbage!'
by meellaah July 12, 2009
Name of mad grind metal band, yet also an expressive term for astonishment or interest.
Aaah...wurdulak, man!
by meellaah November 20, 2003
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