abbr.- Totally Unnecessary Sprint
A Totally Unnecessary Sprint is best performed in public to strike a reaction out of people, most times done without warning and without the knowledge of your friends so that when they walk past the people who witness your TUS, that person lets them know their reaction; whether by facial expression or verbally.
Yo check that dude out! Sprinting in the middle of Wal-Mart!
Yeah, that's now officially known as a TUS.
by ChewyMeat July 19, 2011
Top Definition
a Filipino term for having caught doing illegal things or immoral actions like smoking weed(pot),cocaine, having third party in a relationship in the Philippines.
-Utol, Tus na sa Central Park wag na tayo mag smoke ng marijuana dun. (Brother, we're caught smoking marijuana in the central park, let's not smoke there again.)

-Pare, Tus ako ni misis tungkol sa kabit ko. (Mate, I've been caught by my wife about my mistress.)

-Tus ka ba sa nanay mo? (Are you caught by your mother?)
by TheBluntMaster November 25, 2011
a RESPECTED bittorrent community forum. very friendly,...accept no substite.
hey, tus have got that new movie lol
by slox December 09, 2006
A nonsensical abbreviation for Teacher Under Surveillance often used as a warning call when a teacher/supervisor is about to catch an act of mischief.
(While playing cards inside the classroom)

"TUS! Mr. ______ is on his way!"
by theflyingipis February 07, 2011
TUS is a acronym for 'The Usual Suspects' an infamous coalition of hackers aimed to pirate anything from movies to the tag off your grandma's panties.
That movies just came out. I wonder if them TUS fuckers stole it yet.
by Gamerkevin July 28, 2006
an acronym for torn up slut... tums is a torn up man slut
wow, she hooked up with three guys in one night, and shes got a baby?!?! shes a tus!!!
by weakass_bitch May 14, 2011
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