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a spiritual, sexual science
Once you go tantric you won't go back -Sex and the City
by Dont Know November 21, 2004
157 40
Prolonged sexual activity. In any position, even missionary.
Gina really enjoys tantric sex. Sometimes it lasts for four hours a session.
by Crizzy March 03, 2006
134 46
An amazing band that has had many amazing songs that few people manage to recognize over the fucked up rap bullshit.
douchebag- you get sean k's new sppit?

guy with taste- no i was listening to something that i wouldnt find a crackhoes ten dolla ass. (Tantric)
by pdiddly September 24, 2008
63 46
sexual experience in which you put ur body in back-breaking positions, therefore threatening ur breathing abilities and your life itself, in order to please your partner
damn matt, my back hurts from all that tantric sex i had with gina; i barely survived
by Emily January 11, 2005
73 102
tantric (-trk) adj.

of or relating to bizarre and humorous behavior.
after matt cova shit on his girlfriend's chest, his friends considered him tantric.
by amoeba September 05, 2003
33 107
a word that Finch uses on american pie2,
Tantric? wot the Fuck is Tantric
by Matt Lane(Laney) October 17, 2003
29 144