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A type of garment worn by either men or women who are particularly prudent or arrogant.
Sally's mom is so uptight, she's always wearing a turtleneck sweater.
by Hobbit Meat March 31, 2007
11 6
A round fluffy item worn around your neck for attraction of Zebras, Monkeys, and Pumas. Other wise known as the 'Turtler'.
Random Guy says:

"RUN! GO GO GO! The monkeys are coming down to hunt you because of your Turtler!"

"Great Turtle Neck Sweater you got there man."
- Eager customer says
by popsicalstick April 05, 2011
3 1
1.A Circumstance where a person accidently leaves his fly unzipped and with wearing the right boxers had his dick poke through exposing it.
2.A Fashionable sweater made popular during the 80's into the 90's.
I was in the restroom at the mall the other day and forgot to zip up my fly when I was finished. I had no idea that I was sporting a turtleneck sweater until about after a group of women started smiling at me and pointing towards my crotch.
by jaymoz June 19, 2014
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when you are going down on a chick and she has a turtle head that pokes you in the neck, and you start to sweat because you are afraid of being shit on
The man was not expecting to wear a turtle neck sweater that evening.
by peter palmer February 06, 2006
6 14