This term came about through a very popular cartoon of a helmet topping off a pair of boots to signify the veteran with just a short time left in his enlistment and keeping a REALLY low profile, turtle-like, trying to make it out alive. Among VietNam and older veterans a challenge term by which infantrymen recognized each other.

When a veteran infantryman would meet another veteran, the question would be asked: "Are you a turtle?". To which the challenged veteran would have to either reply "You bet your sweet ass I am!" or have to buy the challenging veteran a drink.
Army veteran: "Are you a turtle?"

Marine veteran: "You bet your sweet ass I am".
by 19D4L August 23, 2012
A man wise beyond his years. Party animal and smooth operator. Wingman used to bring in that Schiesse (women, sex). Individualistic and righteous.
"I heard this guy up on Taylor Street was throwin a sick party with rediculous women..."
"Yea, that's Turtle"
by GioMoose April 01, 2009
Short for Awkward Turtle.
To feel uncomfortable
A: I wonder what is going on through John's head
B: I dunno, I didnt know he was like that..
'John walks up'
John: Hey guys whats up
A & B: Woow, fucking turtle...
by Wuz Like December 10, 2008
The condition where a fat person who carries most of their weight on their abdomen becomes stuck on his or her back.
I challenged fatso to a situp contest, and when he started to turtle, I gave him a shit hitler and took a polaroid for the bar.
by jackflackv May 08, 2008
A sex partner that just lays on their back lifelessly during intercourse.
Dude, I heard Stephanie was a turtle. Dustin said he may as well have stuck it to a blowup doll.
by BratBunny June 11, 2007
A boy who likes to make fun of people then hide before the people can respond.
calling an innocent girl a pinstripe then not telling her what it means and getting mad when she calss him turtle
by diljessika. March 06, 2010
Someone with a bald head that wears a workout shit with a tight neck.
Heryman is a turtle.
by turtleturtleturtle July 11, 2009
A person or usually a large group of people who walk really slowly right in front of you. Turtles make it impossible to get around them or to get where you need to be in time.
-Eric, where'd you go?
:I got stuck behind some turtles, so I had to walk all the way around.
-Hahaha those damn Turtles!
by Mr. Gibbons February 24, 2008

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