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A protruding peice of crap poking out of ya anus..

A 60's type of sweater worn by preepy fuchtards

Fat bastard "I've got a turtle neck"

cutting off the turtle neck is seen as bad etiquette with company

Fook me dave I cut off me turtle neck ...

best you ring calvin klein mark

Sheila thought max looked good in his turtleneck. as he drank his pinot noir and played with his new petanque set. little did she know his head looked like a peice of shit and he was a wanker
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
13 25
Your dick when it's covered by the foreskin.
My turtle head came out when I got horny.
by JDawg June 09, 2004
156 68
A word used to describe an uncircumsized penis.
"Somebody's wearing a turtleneck."
by Rachaelmalice April 10, 2010
72 31
when you pull the foreskin down below the head of the penis
before i could blow him, i gave him a turtle neck.
by pappapittmudman February 03, 2004
68 35
An Uncut Dick
Ashley: Chris forgot to wash his turtleneck
by jonfizzle November 13, 2003
95 70
A type of sweater with a long neck, preferably worn with a thin chain and light beer in hand.
Turtleneck and Chain and a light ass beer. -The Lonely Island
by Mattwood646 May 11, 2011
44 28
the foreskin(euphemistic)
Be gentle with your turtleneck.
by The Return of Light Joker August 16, 2008
41 27
An uncircumsized penis.
"No baby, I'm not sporting a turtle neck, I'm Catholic."
by mud909 May 31, 2009
43 37