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when you pull the foreskin down below the head of the penis
before i could blow him, i gave him a turtle neck.
by pappapittmudman February 03, 2004
a.k.a. fist fuck.
1) To insert a fist into a bodily orfice in a sexual manner.
2) to beat the crap out of using your fists.
1) She was a freak for large objects,so Petie gave her some fistular intercourse.
2)When John puked on her shoes, Wanda performed fistular intercourse upon his nasal passages.
by pappapittmudman January 28, 2005
finger up the butt.
i went to the doctor's and he played hide the pinkie.

My girl friend played hide the pinkie and i blew my cork.
by pappapittmudman February 03, 2004
a soupy shit resembling thanksgiving turkey gravy.
after 62 burritos, ziggy had a bad case of turkey gravy.
by pappapittmudman February 04, 2004
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