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verb in medical jargon meaning to send a patient to be someone else's responsibility because the patient is either a pain to deal with, because they are not going to get better, or both.
What happened to Ms. X, did she talk Dr. Y into giving her some Percocet?
No! Dr. Y grew a pair and turfed her ass to the floor.
Sweet! Too bad those dumb bitches on the floor are just going to turf her ass back here the next time she hyperventilates because they aren't serving lobster.
by Ratched, RN July 01, 2013
2 1
To turf is to send along to someone else.
I'm gonna turf that errand to Eric.

I'm so glad she turfed my email to Karen cuz otherwise I woulda never gotten the job!
by avsavsavs May 04, 2012
3 2
lookin like trash.
oooooh i was unaware dat today is turf tuesday, cause y'alls is lookin like shit!
by michelleisfat October 11, 2011
6 5
dancing,not krunk.tha sikist kinda of dance.wit beats that go hard.yee
i was,turf strollin down tha block,i was blunk rollin tryin to find a place to roc.
by thizzlle wiggle December 27, 2007
24 23
n. Any girl that deserves or earns little respect. Usually these girls are ready and willing to go home with you from a drinking establishment approximately 10 minutes after hearing the alert of "Last Call". Any loud or annoying girl that refuses to leave you alone or shut up, this behavior is commonly associated with, but not restricted to, drinking (origin: Late Night Turf Hoe).
I was so drunk I don't even remember what that turf I took home last night looked like.
by Dean Sticky February 25, 2003
26 26
1. a sidewalk

2. the area that a gang claims

3. horse-racing
The turf was not safe for travel. What if I got shot.
by The Return of Light Joker May 04, 2009
1 2
A fossil fuel obtained from a bog. Sometimes called peat. Slow burning, but gives decent heat.
Throw another sod of turf on the fire.
by Darth Ridley November 07, 2006
5 7