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a tornado of feces
That's not a shitstorm, it's a turdnado!
by vasizis August 19, 2011
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1. A shitstorm of epic ferocity that hits without warning.
WIFE: How was work today?
HUSBAND: Everything was great until about 2 o'clock when that TURDNADO hit. I'm lucky I made it out of there alive.
by @DJCharlieBlac September 05, 2013
a tornado made entirely out of turds; its size increases with every turd it picks up.
Did you see that turdnado? It was made out of turds.
by turdburg. July 24, 2011
a person, as a whole, that reminds you of a piece of shit.
well...i went out last night and i ran into that turdnado, eric!
by kay_c1101 February 08, 2010

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