a piece of poo resembling a chicken nugget. May have qualities of both poo and chicken nugget
Wow man, do you see those turd nuggets on the lawn? woah that animal must have ae a lot of chicken!
by j.k.l. June 03, 2006
Small, chunky brown object which is projectiled from one's anus and usually followed by methane releasal and yet another turd nugget, all directed into one's turd basket aka toilet.
I shot that turd nugget into that turd basket like a rifle
by w00t May 14, 2004
a waste of life, or space. turd nugget signifies one's incapability of being a full turd, clearly showing that the person being called a turd nugget is a failure even at the lowest possible existence. enjoi
"Man, Mujumbo's a turd nugget, he stole my goat!"
by Mazda 3 Transform! December 22, 2005
A small piece of poop no bigger than the size of a mcdonalds chicken nugget. Usually comes after the main turd of the session and is also referred to as "the straggler".
Man, I just had like 5 turdnuggets come out. That is a new record I think.
by KurtMaGurt February 12, 2010
hard balls of feces (poop/shit)
Instead of pooping a long turd, It came out in turd nuggets.
by DudeMoney September 22, 2007
A Turd-Nugget can be related to a Chicken McNugget made out of raw Shit. Its texture is composed of both solid and a touch of mild texture keeping it in its structural shape. Its often times used to describe a friend or relative acting like a douche (See Douche for more details).
"Bro, last night, you were being a real turd-nugget"
by Platinum Romeo November 15, 2006
A disgusting snack during a movie. Originally came from a low cal chocolate bran flake bar eaten during the X-Men Origins movie. It caused such a disturbance that the viewers went into laughing comas.
Also a small bit of poop, about 1/10th the size of a regular turd.
1.Man these granola bars are turd nuggets.
2.Yesterday I had to crap so bad, but I only got out a turd nugget.
by pooperscooperdooper March 11, 2010
Literal or figurative pieces of excrement presented to a lover to irrevocably communicate the end of a relationship. The nuggeter leaves turd nuggets in the nuggetee's toilet to communicate the breakup rather than using traditional means such as text messages and Post-It notes. Figuratively, turd nuggets can refer to any improper, embarrassing or foul act that unmistakably signals the end of romantic interest.
K: "Are you still seeing Whats-his-face from Boston?"
B: "Nahh, that shit wasn't happening. Left him turd nuggets!"
by owningThis February 08, 2010

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