The worlds greatest skateboarding crew from RADelaide, South Australia.

The Members are Frenzal, Ferret, Animal Chin, Nugget, Patty Holland and Clown.
Never Mind Carlisle Clique, here is the TURD BURGLARS
by *frenzal* March 30, 2005
someone who stinks and has always got snoton their clothes. Example stinks
You are a turd burglar
by gaylord March 23, 2005
1. Any form of a Zack (annoying type of person who dosen't know much).

2. A ZACK who takes stuff without asking and later claims it was his to begin with.

3. A person living in Massachusetts worthy of the nick-name "Mass-Hole" may also be a "turd-burglar" if he/she is really that ignorant.

4. A young ZACK who thinks he/she is "all-that" but in reality only amounts to the worth of a penny in terms of brain function.
I asked ZACK where he got that thing and he said "it's mine, leave me alone!" What a Turd-Burglar!
by Beavis April 27, 2004
one who unclogs toilets
My dad was the turd-burglar after i went to the bathroom.
by Steff April 27, 2004
The guy that comes to your house to empty your septic tank when it is full.
It's been a couple of years since we've had the septic tank pumped out, so we made a phone call, and out came the Turd Burglar to deal with all of my shit.
by Smilesandspace June 18, 2015

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