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A mythical beast of Puerto Rican descent, whom resides in the small town of Alliance Ohio. Alias's include "Puedo" and not to forget "el turd burg". Famous for the the "great turd heist of 97" the Terrible Tubby Turd Burglar is still at large.
Lookout it's Puedo the Terrible Tubby Turd Burglar.
by Corey_danger May 03, 2011
F.U.I.H. stands for fuck you im high. Used in order to refuse a request of action or even movement; while also reasoning for being forgetful while under the effects of Marijuana.

**(usually used in digital communication such as Facebook, texting etc...)
(in text)
Person 1: Hey do you want to go to the store with me?
Person 2: F.U.I.H.
by Corey_danger August 13, 2011

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