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A right rough old dog, with yellow bleached hair, 5 inches of greasy roots and no intellect, who's been fucked left, right and centre by thick, ugly, tattooed, toothless neanderthal-type blokes all her life. She's had more pricks than a second hand dartboard. You wouldn't touch her with yours or anyone else's.
"Look at the state of that. What an old grunter!"
by Clarice December 05, 2003
Someone who sodomises science-fiction fanatics and computer programmers.
"Cor blimey, he's a right nerd turd burglar!"
by Clarice December 03, 2003
A word to say out of panic.
"dude, that guy's gonna pwn you"
"oh fux!"
by Clarice January 23, 2004
i have no fucking clue...its just a cool word
uuhhhhhh....man his breath was foshizzley mizzley up in here!
by Clarice July 05, 2003

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