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An area of the male body encompassing both the penis and testicles. First used in Kick-Ass #6, written by Mark Millar.
I had sex for two hours and now my whole tunk is aching.
by pulledup March 02, 2010
The area of the male body encompassing both the penis and the testicles. The guy equivalent of the swear word "cunt," created to be used as a word to be completely unacceptable to polite society.

The word first appeared in the comic book "Kick-Ass," issue 6 (written by Mark Millar) as a cuss-word made up by Dave's friends sometime before lunchtime.
Dave: "Tunk?"

Marty: "As in your cock and your balls. Toddie said all the best ones have "U," and "K," and we thought this could be the guy equivalent of "cunt."

Toddy: "As in something just completely unacceptable to polite society."
by dats2dope April 14, 2010
a card game, the object is to have no cards in your hand or to have the lowest number ex:if i had two 3s and you had a ace you would. you start out with 5 cards in your hand then a strait
of three cards or more in or three of a kind ex: if i droped a 2 of clubs and if you had 3,4 of hearts you would not be able to spread .also you can not hold a spread only if its aces .the way you "tunk out"or"tunk-tisy" is if ex:i throw out a 3
and (if you already spreaded)you have two 3s then you spread wit dat you win and i owe doubble.same as if i droped and you are lower then i am.tapin a spread is when if you have 3 in your hand and i spreaded with three 3sif you tap my spread (put a three on my spread)
then i have to wait three turns before i can drop .for any other questions ask your local black man
man im about "tunk out" on this trick a$$ mark...give me money punk
by da damn plane May 25, 2004
The male equivalent of cunt. The man's testicles and penis, the whole ball penis area.
First appearance: Kick-Ass issue #6.
Created by Mark Millar, writer of the comic.
"As in your cock AND your balls. Toddie said all the best ones have a 'U' and a 'K' and we thought this could be the guy equivalent of 'cunt'" -Kick-Ass #6
Also used as "tunk you" like "fuck you"
"Oh my sweet Virgin Mary... HE SHOT ME IN THE FUCKING TUNK!" "Yeah well... TUNK YOU ASSHOLE!"
"I'm gonna cut off your whole goddamn tunk!"
by Smashbook April 20, 2010
A card game similar to rummy that is usually played for money, in urban areas mostly.
"Ay yo, I'ma hit up the liqua sto'. Some homies is playin Tunk an' I got five on it." - Anonymous individual from Flint, MI..
by Tag Deeznuts September 08, 2010
Despite being from Nashville, a cool girl who hangs out in various channels in IRC(Gplus, Animeparadox, sazanquest) who knows her stuff about hockey, baseball and anime and flirts with guys like a mad woman.
Tunks is watching the hockey and wishing Dormin was with her.
by Nimrod June 07, 2004
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