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Stinky rank un-clean Pussy un-eatable
Damn jill has tuna pie, she better wash that thing
by wackeddad July 14, 2006
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1. A Slang word for Vagina.
2. A term for a vagina that has been given oral sex.
1. "Damn, Kelsey really needs to clean her tuna pie."
2. "I gotta admit, I didn't mind having Monica's tuna pie for lunch."
by twoeightyoneci April 10, 2008
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Where you take a little bit of tuna, apply it to the head of the penis. Then, insert in to the vagina. Next, ejaculate. Finally, you must enjoy by eating it.
"DUDE! I gave Ashley the biggest tuna pie last night!"
by I_cant_belive_its_not_butter January 30, 2012
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When your shorts ride up between your inner thighs. Hugging your, shall we say tuna pie.
Please pull down your shorts, you have tuna pie.
by zizzleme July 13, 2009
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