Tump: The act of throwing and dumping an object that the person has no emotional attachment to; it must be projected in an ostesibly negative fashion for it to be considered 'tumped'.

'Metaphorical' Tump(-ing): Similar to fucking something,to shit, to hit, to fight, to verbally abuse, to rape, to complete, to eat, to object, to necrophiliate, to humiliate, to describe, to vote, to order, to punish, to shout, to twitch or outburst, to finger, to lick, to build, to run,to ejaculate, to taunt, to succumb, to kill, to chase, to bore, to write shit, to read shit, to view badly, to peel, to sunbathe angrily or in the negative mannerisms of the context which applies to the subjector.
" Oh Dude! You tumped that shit? "

"I Tumped out of a moving car"

" He looked at me funny, so I tumped his face. "

" Mate, you totally tumped that guy in the cus-out earlier "

" I tumped her good due to my date rape drug"

" I was tumping my essay earlier, but somebody ran in and tumped me, so I tumped his mom"

" Her corpse was laying rather suggestively. Are you telling me you wouldn't have tumped that? "

" That nerd in my class wet himself, so i tumped the shit out of him"

" My teacher caught me tumping in the middle of class "

" After tumping for several hours in the sun, boy was I pissed off, so i decided to tump everyone's drinks and then tump on their sunbeds."

" the police caught me in the act, so i started tumping."
by Mitch and the D'iaz February 06, 2010
The act of accidentally knocking over and spilling the liquid contents of a container, usually in a drunken incident: a combination of “tip” and “dump,” this word is often used by or to describe the actions of one who is inebriated to the point of a drunken stupor. This verb is most commonly used with the word "over" directly behind it.
Oh shit, he pissed himself…oh, never mind his beer just tumped over on his crotch when he passed out. Lets take a picture anyway.
by tadams December 28, 2006
a large person who has the ability to annoy any buddy.
Man, that big dude over there is getting on my nerves. he's being a real tump.
by casper the great April 25, 2009
Sexual Intercourse...... doing it
I tumped her, shes my tumping partner etc etc
by Danim March 05, 2008
for a boii to fuck a gyal
yo mikaylah u still want mi 2 giv u da tump up
by B Block Stargh January 23, 2009
Tump is derived from an ancient word teague meaning a bad place to be. The tump can be located down county ESVA. People who reside there are to be treated as if they are all after you. BE CAREFULL!!!
Yo my boys went down to the tump and that ho got one.

Shes nothing but a tumper.

I am the master Tump Raider
by Tumpraider October 06, 2004
Rubbish.useless,really crap.
That new Beyonce track is an absolute pile of tump
by Pauly Howells February 19, 2004

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