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The process of erection in a man, whereby his penis gets stiffer and larger, and sometimes points away from the body at an angle.

Adjective form: "tumescent."

After sexual outlet, the reverse process is called "detumescence" (see listing).

"It was a pretty normal tumescence, but it took longer than usual."

"Maybe you've been having too much sex. Or it's just a consequence of getting older."

by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010
The abstruse medical terminology for state of having a hard-on or a boner.
When I went to the doctor, he asked me if I had trouble achieving tumescence. I looked at him puzzled, and he said... "or in more common language, umm... can you get it up?"
by Adel7 December 08, 2007
Chronic arousal without sexual fulfillment, to the point where one feels irritable, cranky, and not at all sexual or horny. A state of being unaware or unwilling to admit that a good dose of healthy gratifying sex would have one feel so much better.
Her extended visit certainly increased the overall tumescence in the household.
by shortstrokes July 10, 2013
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