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when too many people are logged on to tumblr and the website can't be connected to the user; the shittiest thing to happen to a tumblr addict;
I was trying to go on tumblr but they forgot to feed the tumbeasts again!
by coolgirlpin0yy324 February 28, 2011
Tumbeasts are creatures found on tumblr. They roam the data centre and help run tumblr, though sadly they usually go un feed, which causes tumblr to crash. They are often irritating due to how much they come up.
by devifromhell February 27, 2011
Tumblrs Latest Scape goat for why their servers are down.
We'll be back shortly
We may have forgotten to feed the wild Tumbeasts that roam our datacenter, resulting in gnawing and/or mutiny. Animal control has been alerted.
by Abover February 27, 2011
Little green beasts that nom on tumblr so it stops working. They may seem cute at first but soon you will associate them with everyting bad because they mean tumblr is broken.
Person New to Tumblr: awww hahaha that's so funny look at the cute tumbeasts!

Other person: NOOOOOOO! fucking die tumbeasts die! I need my tumblr! how else will I procrastinate properly?
by slimmishimmi March 07, 2011
A large, yellow watermelon with the texture of a cactus and a stem shaped like a unicorn. Found primarily in Narnia and come to life on the third Saturday in June at exactly 1:43 A.M., EST.
"Oy! You there! There's a Tumbeast on my wanker!"

Well, get it off, Charlie, it's probably attracted to your Stunkmigeon!
by iamnotnjs February 22, 2011
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