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Adjective to desribe when the rectum is pulled out through your bum displaying the pink inside.
Gethin showed surmad his tulip.
by Gethin November 09, 2005
A tulip is a special type of joint which looks like a regular joint with a sack of marijuana on the end of it, which is made by sticking four rolling papers together in a large rectangle, placing an ample amount of weed in the centre, licking the edges and attaching it to the main shaft. I think. Hell I can roll but I can't roll these little bastards. Effects are very potent, and a tulip lasts a long time.

Be warned, though, if you've got a roller who is crap and/or stoned, there is a possible risk of the fucker spilling the entire thing on the floor.
Guy 1: "How mcuh weed we got left?"
Guy 2: "Quite a bit."
Guy 1: "Enough for... a tulip?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah!"
by Rep August 24, 2004
Female reproductive organ; used to gain money or power. Has two lips but cannot speak. In rare cases the TULIP has been known to make a male reproductive organ breathe fire.
"Hey man, how far did you get with her last night?"
"I just tickled her tulip a bit!"
by TickleMyTulip April 25, 2010
abbreviated form of the phrase "tight little package" to describe a very attractive woman's body
Hayden Panettiere is a tulip
by FeO2E August 16, 2009
undying love. (:
im getting tulips for her birthday (:
by brandystar May 26, 2012
Sack of marijuana attatched to a joint
Ima get fucked up; roll a tulip
by Mike Frucci April 18, 2003
1. When a woman presses her vagina against the face of an unconscious man.
2. The female version of a "teabag."
I woke up with herpes on my forehead because I got tulipped last night.
by JT Wilson August 30, 2005
A gay person.

Chad is a total tulip.
by Lovesthecock February 11, 2009