only fucking retards use tulip as an insult.
"Are you tulip?"
"Bitch are you fucking retarded?"
by Bernie Mc April 05, 2015
Josie's Bestfriend, and now it's legit. Urban Dictionary legit. :3. So tell it to the big bird you frog-cat-house-armadillo-person.
cat - Woah, Josie is freaking tall
armadillo - & Tulip. is like freaking short, how do they talk?!
cat - idk, but that is one freaking ninja cool friendship
armadillo - yuppers :3
by josie chau May 02, 2010
All my lesbian friends' favorite flower!
Julie: I would love to plant my tulips in that garden!!
by Words R. Fun June 18, 2008
A rather effeminate man, slender and full of color.
Randy is such a tulip, but he sure can throw a dinner party!
by Deb January 21, 2004
Adjective to desribe when the rectum is pulled out through your bum displaying the pink inside.
Gethin showed surmad his tulip.
by Gethin November 09, 2005
Slang, derogatory term used to describe a fool, or a foolish person.
shut the f**k up you f***kin tulip
what would he know, that lad is a tulip
by eoin September 02, 2003
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