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When a girl gives a blow job/hand job combo while inserting a finger in the guy's ass.

It's a very rare maneuver not recommended for new couples.
Guy 1: This girl was blowing me last night and she stuck her finger up my ass!!

Guy 2: Dude! That's a Mexican Tugboat!!
by MikeandJohn January 30, 2011
A little known sexual technique in which a man gets down on all fours while his partner (man or woman) proceeds to stroke his penis from behind in a downward motion similar to milking a cow while simultaneously fisting the man on all fours.
That girl was a freak. She gave me a Wisconsin Hand Warmer last night.
by MikeandJohn January 30, 2011
A sex act wherein while having intercourse from behind, the guy reaches forward and uses his index finger to "hook" the girl in mouth.

In many cases, this causes the girl to squirm and flop much like a fish out of water.
I don't like to wake up early to go fishing. So, last night I gave my girlfriend a Tallahassee Trout Fisherman instead.
by MikeandJohn January 30, 2011
A sex act where a man gets on his hands and knees while the girl strokes his penis from behind. At the same time, she tosses the guy's salad. During that time, the guy lets loose a load of diarrhea, creating the "mudslide."

Note: Contaminated water in Guatemala lends itself to diarrhea production.
I gave the girl a Guatemala Mudslide. It was great, but the cleanup is a bitch.
by MikeandJohn January 30, 2011

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