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I'd love for Angelina Jolie to give me a tuggy.
by y0shi February 17, 2008
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A slang word for lortabs.
"Yo Marcus, can you hook me up with some tabs?"
"Hell ya mayne I got them speckled 10mg tuggies right now"
by Josh aka TheVadgeBlaster (XBL) February 26, 2008
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(Big - Tuggies, Little - Tuggies)
Formed from the word, "Tugboat". Slang nickname for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend. Tend to be loving and very goofy. AKA Tuggler or Tugglers. Could also be Wuggler.
"Tuggies, would you get me a glass of water?" - Big Tuggies (aka Big T)
"Of course, Tuggies." - Little Tuggies
Used in general, ie, a song for sing a long: Tuggies, got my Tuuuuuuuuuggies, Ta Ta Ta Ta Taaaa Tuggies...
by Little Tuggies August 07, 2011
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I guy who is extremly good looking, and he doesnt like short people in fubu clothing, or people who buy stevo specials!!!! ha ha ha
by Jermima Puddle Duck May 15, 2003
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