People that listen to grime and that are mainly from London would call themselves tugs. This is just like the naming program that other *cultures* use, such as chav, greebo, goth etc. They often like to wear tracksuits and baseball caps - brands such as Akademiks, écko, Iceberg, adidas, nike etc. We are the true Tugs on road these days so fall back all u other minorities...
Tug 1. "yes yes, check out my new akademiks outfit, it looks ill"

Tug 2. "Grime is da best, rock, punk, pop and everyting else is wack"

Tug 3. "what blud, you'll get murked wid my .44 bitch, dnt eva let me see u in my endz again"
by ill ting breh August 05, 2005
Jaimaican for 'Good/fun to hang out with/be around'
You're tug mon.
by Lost and Hopeless June 03, 2004
this is the ghetto pronounciation for the word "thug".
yo is you a tug?
by dreone April 23, 2003
the token ugly girl-a girl who hangs around with a group of fit girls-go for her to make a quick entry into the fit girls there is always TUG
you:hey girl how u doin?
TUG:gd thnks u?
you:im doin great now.

all the hot girls think u fancy her and this is a first for her so they all contact u and it goes from there!
by dirtybertie August 31, 2006
Better than a Thug: Gangster like; Totally awesome;King/Queen like; Winning
That girls is a Tug.
by lilbreezy6969 July 22, 2011
Abbreviation of Tall Ugly Guy. Generally a lanky dude, reminiscent of napoleon dynamite that hangs out with hot boys: similar to the token ugly girl in this way. Seems unfortunately to often be the most eager to flirt with any girl available, that or hurl abuse about her being ugly.
"ohh you mean the TUG that hangs out with jack? oh, okay i have never known his real name"
by non-event September 01, 2006
The ugly friend of an attractive woman
"Karen sure is hot, but she's got her tug with her".
by Steve Potts May 25, 2007
The characterisics of a homosexual person in a dog.

A male, gay dog.

The tendency of a male dog to hump another male dog.
"Get that Tug off my dog"

"Everything was fine at the dog park until that Tug showed up"
by Mitch McSpanklesworth March 23, 2006

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