A person who acts like and believes in their own mind that they are a thug, but have not done anything tough enough to achieve true thug status. Tugs can easily be identified by their neck tattoos, chin strap beards, over-sized clothes, distinct walk (also knows as the tug stride), hoopty cars with over-sized wheels, etc...
"Check out that guy's chin strap."
"Yeah, what a tug!"
by MightyMo13 November 06, 2011
People that listen to grime and that are mainly from London would call themselves tugs. This is just like the naming program that other *cultures* use, such as chav, greebo, goth etc. They often like to wear tracksuits and baseball caps - brands such as Akademiks, écko, Iceberg, adidas, nike etc. We are the true Tugs on road these days so fall back all u other minorities...
Tug 1. "yes yes, check out my new akademiks outfit, it looks ill"

Tug 2. "Grime is da best, rock, punk, pop and everyting else is wack"

Tug 3. "what blud, you'll get murked wid my .44 bitch, dnt eva let me see u in my endz again"
by ill ting breh August 05, 2005
stands for The Urban Gentleman

(sometimes goes by UG, instead of TUG)

It's a online magazine/book/blog that has been around since 2008. They also sell fashion/clothes/accessories style stuff too.
1. Have you read the new TUG article?

2. Boi, you betta go read T.U.G to get your swag up!

3. I just read that TUG article, and those Jimmy Choo sneakers they featured are pretty sweeet!
by ThomasYepMe February 23, 2012
A word used to describe something cool or a simple acknowledgement; like a greeting. Often times followed up with the phrase piss up a rope.
Norman: "Tug!" Can I use your house to get laid on Friday night?

Jon: Piss up a rope!

Mark: Brian is with the Milker tonight.

Jon: Tug!!!
by The Boy Who Never Speaks November 03, 2011
Something that is wank i.e. crap, shit, poor.
That new game's tug.

I need to get a new car, mine's tug.
by Dan_24 April 20, 2008
The ugly female friend of an attractive woman.

Derived from the fact that beautiful, sleek ocean liners are often guidd into port by small, ugly tug boats.
Karen's hot but she's got her tug with her..
by Steve Potts May 26, 2007
"Thug" - west indian accent, mainly dancehall artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sizzla inspired by hip-hop legend Tupac's use of the word thug. Now commonly used in the UKG and grime music scenes of east london.
no one can tes ma breh, rollin like he a true tug
by garmz January 22, 2005

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