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11 definitions by ynkx

1-The art of standing your hair on end to hide your very receeding hairline..
2-Yelling quotes out like a duck....
from the Merc form of eric
My pal ERIC hung upside down all night ,and afflacked his hair in the morning when he gelled it.
by ynkx July 23, 2004
to make a trade
to trade am object
from polography
We polo'd a cup of coffe for a box of donuts.
by ynkx October 10, 2004
-An annoying ONE-
-A morphed broker/clerk......
-ONE who counts pennies.....
Latin derivative CHECKUS UNO
I was calm until I got RNDLED by RANDALL,the annoying ONE.
by ynkx July 23, 2004
-To lose money on a daily basis
from the Latin Fullacrapus
Although BRIAN was up like 10 g's day-trading,we were DOIT'd when he told us all he was in debt because of access.
by ynkx July 23, 2004
from the slang for old....
real old guy...
someone slow to react to quotes
That 95 year old looks like a PRGY.
by YNKX July 21, 2004
-to greatly exaggerate a bid or an offer in the commodities market
-see pinnochio...
I was short- but had to get out- when I got CARTED by a Dave bid ....
It dumped !!!!!!!!!
by ynkx July 23, 2004
1-being run in by stops...losing money due to inside info
from the JERRY SPRINGER collection
We all got TUGGED when SEPT broke 6500 when we were short.
Gary turned around and sold his longs out to the paper behind him...
We squeeged windows for a week.
by ynkx July 23, 2004